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Inkl. mva.

IGLAND 280 features a 7 ton load capacity on trailer and is delivered fully equipped, with crane, rotator and grapple. The crane is detachable and can be mounted on the 3-point hitch linkage of the tractor and is equipped with hydraulic fold-down stabilizer legs. The bogie is equipped with tire dimensions: 400 / 60 - 15.5 / 14 layer, 2 log retaining posts, one fixed and one adjustable. Boogie includes steering.

IGLAND 280 timber trailer is IGLAND best-selling timber trailer. This is a timber trailer that suits most tasks in capacity and needs. The bogie steering results in excellent turning radius for those with tight turning conditions. If you combine this timber trailer with the Swingtrac system the result will be a very manageable timber trailer idealy suited for demanding conditions. NB!! Swingtrac system available on IGLAND 380 as an option.

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Length Width: 5,3/1,9 meter
Oil pressure max / min: 210/160 bar
Tires: 11,5/80 – 15,3/10
Option: 400/60 – 15,5/14 lag
Svingutslag: 50 grader
Torque at 210 bar: Approx. 3.0 tons
Weight: 970 kg
payload: 6500 kg
Total weight: 8000 kg
Children’s genders: 3,7 m
Brake: Disc brake, optional
Ground clearance: 52 cm
Stakesett: 2 per
Swingtrac: Enhancements
Crane for IGLAND 300: 32-51, 37-52, 37-64S

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