Vi er overbevist om at det er fullt mulig å forene forretningsdrift og ansvarlig miljøstyring. Nøsted & skal tilby produkter og tjenester som ikke bare møter våre kunders behov, men også ivaretar miljøet.

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment throughout the value chain. This includes production, transport, use and disposal of our products. We continuously invest in green technology and innovative solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and optimize resource utilization.

As the only Norwegian chain manufacturer, we already have a significant advantage over our competitors in terms of environmental footprint. Norwegian energy comes from 100% renewable hydropower, and our steel comes from Western European steel mills.

Our customers can be confident that the goods they purchase from us originate from suppliers who safeguard human rights, decent working conditions and the environment. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our purchases are as sustainable as possible for the environment, society and people. We make demands on and collaborate with our suppliers on socially responsible practices, to ensure a safe, orderly and organized work life throughout the supply chain. Our goals and focus areas within sustainability are anchored in our sustainability report, which you can read here (full ESG report).

Nøsted & is ISO 14001:2015 certified

Nøsted & is committed to continuously minimizing our environmental footprint. Through our ISO certified management system, we have ensured that the environment and sustainability are an important factor in all improvement and decision-making processes, and are included in our strategic goals. We are ISO 14001 certified; Enviromental management system. Among other things, we have a strong focus on the environment and energy efficiency, and use modern tools for energy management and reduction of energy consumption. In 2014, Nøsted & developed the industry's most energy-friendly production method for chains.

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Here, Nøsted really takes hold and goes for the industry's most efficient and energy-friendly production. Half of the factories do not halve their energy consumption. This shows what kind of results innovation can make.

Nils Kristian Nakstad, CEO Enova

Return arrangement on chains

We offer a return arrangement on TRYGG tire chains. Together with our dealers and customers, we want to arrange for the chains to enter a perpetual cycle. As an end user, you can now hand in your worn tire chain at a TRYGG dealer and get a discount on your new TRYGG chains. We want to offer our customers both the opportunity to do something good for the environment, get rid of the scrap and at the same time get a financial gain by returning old, worn tire chains to the dealer when you need new ones.