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Om Nøsted &

Nøsted & utvikler, designer og produserer varige produkter og løsninger som sikrer mennesker og verdier, og forenkler folks arbeidshverdag.

Nøsted & is a family-owned Norwegian industrial company with head office in Mandal, Norway.

The company was founded by Alf Nøsted in 1939 when he established «Norsk Kjettingindustri -Alf Nøsted AS» in Mandal. Since then, the company has grown steadily through organic growth and acquisitions and is today a global company with appr. 370 employees developing, manufacturing, and delivering solutions for multiple purposes across the world. Our biggest product segments are:

  • Traction products for forestry and construction equipment, tractors, and heavy transport
  • Lifting chains for the offshore industry, trawl chains for trawlers, and mooring chains for fish farms
  • Tractor implements, different types for forestry and road maintenance

Our vision is to create

new opportunities for lasting connections.

It’s all about connections. Each connection is a new opportunity for a long-lasting relationship. When we work together – and together with our clients and partners- we take an active role in defining the solutions of the future.


Our products are produced at our factories in Mandal, Kragerø, and Lithauen. Product development, laboratory, and research departments are located at our head office in Mandal.

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Quality has the highest focus in everything we do. Our quality system is certified by DNV according to ISO 9001 and includes all activities, from subcontractors to delivery of finished goods. We use modern technology in our production. In 2014, the company invested almost NOK 100 million in production, which included the establishment of a new test center and the development of a completely new automated production line. Our hardening is world class, and allows us to produce chains and components of extremely high quality for various purposes.

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Through long-term relationships, smart establishments and strategic acquisitions, we have built stone upon stone to develop a company that is in the best interests of our community and the community of which we are a part. Overall, we represent proud brands and more than 350 years of production experience. Nøsted & was established in 2019 as a result of the merger of the companies in what was then referred to as the Nøsted Group. The Nøsted Group consisted of eight independent companies; Nøsted Kjetting AS, Igland AS, Kjættingfabriken, AS, Marwin Løfteteknikk AS, Nosted Mechanika UAB and Chaine Select Inc, which are now all gathered and represented through a joint company – Nøsted &.

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Development and Research

Nøsted& er has in all years led the product development and we will continue to do so. We participate in several major research and development-related projects together with other globally recognized companies and research institutions. Nøsted & contributes to research and development of new products, materials and production methods to ensure our customers the very best product for their purpose. We have a long tradition of collaborating with the customer to develop the best customer-specific solutions, among other things, we have delivered special chains to highly renowned players in seismic, shipbuilding and oil service.

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Nøsted & is committed to continuously minimizing our environmental footprint. Through our ISO certified management system, we have ensured that the environment and sustainability are an important factor in all improvement and decision-making processes, and are included in our strategic goals. We are ISO 14001 certified; Enviromental management system. Among other things, we have a strong focus on the environment and energy efficiency, and use modern tools for energy management and reduction of energy consumption. In 2014, Nøsted & developed the industry's most energy-friendly production method for chains.

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