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About TRYGG tire chains

Nøsted & has been producing chains under the brand name TRYGG for over 80 years. TRYGG chains are world-leading and produced at Norway's only chain factory.

The Nøsted & factory, spanning 10,000 square meters located at the mouth of the Mandal river, produces chains for use in transportation, agriculture, construction, forestry, and chains for fisheries, aquaculture, industry, oil, and offshore. We also offer customer-specific solutions and have, among other things, delivered special chains to highly recognized actors in seismic research, shipbuilding, and oil services.

TRYGG chains are manufactured for Norwegian conditions and therefore also excellently suited for challenging environments and roads elsewhere in the world. Although the domestic market is large and important, TRYGG chains for various purposes are exported to all continents.

With steel from Western steel mills and full control over production and product development, TRYGG guarantees quality in every aspect.

TRYGG chains are heat-treated after hardening, which more than doubles the tensile strength. The chains are made of boron steel, with double hardening and double resistance to breaking.

We have the largest selection and the largest stock to satisfy our customers' needs. We expedite quickly and efficiently and continuously work to simplify and improve all aspects.


We are the only chain manufacturer that have introduced a breakage warranty on our transport and tractor chains.

Merethe Nøsted von Zernichow - CEO Nøsted &
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TRYGG tire chains are guaranteed against breakage

Over 83 years, we have developed solid expertise in material selection, forming, welding, and hardening. The sum of these processes is the key to Trygg quality. With steel from Western steel mills and full control of production and product development, TRYGG guarantees quality at every stage. Should you, against all odds, experience a break despite correct usage, your dealer will immediately replace or repair the chain in the best possible way. Choosing TRYGG should be easy!

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