Traktorkjetting-sortimentet vårt dekker alle formål – fra veikjøring til skogbruk og alt imellom. Både for profesjonell- og hobbybruk.

TRYGG chain is manufactured for Norwegian conditions and therefore the chain is also excellent for challenging environments and roads elsewhere in the world. With steel from western steel mills and full control over production and product development, TRYGG guarantees quality at all stages. TRYGG chain is heat treated after hardening, which more than doubles the breaking resistance. The chain is made of double boron steel, with double hardening and double resistance to breaking.

Tractor chains from TRYGG are the market's most flexible chains. They can be easily shortened and lengthened as new and old tires require it. Each chain can easily be adapted to several different tire dimensions. Our best sellers within Tractor chains are Fast trac; lightweight chain with square spikes, as well as SMT with oversized spikes that provide a fantastic grip.

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Breakage Guarantee

As the only manufacturer of wheel chains, Nøsted & provides a guarantee for breakage for transport chains and tractor chains. The guarantee covers our entire product portfolio. Many years of experience and testing under demanding conditions, testing in the laboratory, development of welding technology and hardening technology, means that we are so sure of TRYGG wheel chain's quality, that we guarantee against breakage due to manufacturing defects.


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We have the largest selection and the largest warehouse to satisfy our customers' needs. We dispatch quickly and efficiently and work continuously to simplify and improve all aspects.