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Nøsted & takes privacy seriously, and we will process your personal information according to the laws and regulations applicable to the processing of personal data and your rights.

In this privacy policy, we explain how personal information is collected and processed when you use our website.

Responsible for processing personal data:

Nøsted & AS
Grønviksveien 8 4515 Mandal
Phone: 38 27 25 50

Processing of personal data

Personal information collected and processed on nosted.com includes contact details such as name, address, email address, and phone number. Additionally, we process information related to you and your activities on nosted.com, such as contacts you have with us via email or phone.

We primarily process your personal information to send you products you have ordered. Additionally, we process personal information when you contact us for advice, follow-up, and questions. We will then process the information you provide us, but we only store the information we need to assist you further. This means that all information that is not relevant to the purpose to be fulfilled will not be stored or processed in any way.

When you place an order, you establish a customer profile with us. We then process the information you provide, such as contact information and purchase history, necessary to process your order and deliver the goods to you.

In the case of complaints about goods, repairs, or replacements, your contact information will be processed to register the complaint and carry out repairs or replacements.

The above-mentioned personal data is processed on the basis of GDPR Article 6(1)(b), i.e., so that we can fulfill a contract with the data subject (with you as a customer).

We also process information related to you to fulfill our legal obligations, according to GDPR Article 6(1)(c), which we are obligated to fulfill according to accounting and purchase legislation.

In order for us to further develop nosted.com and offer better solutions and services for you as a customer, it is necessary to collect statistics on traffic and behavior. This is also necessary to take measures to prevent fraud. As far as possible, anonymized data will be used for this purpose. For security reasons, the IP address used to place the order is also recorded and stored. The information mentioned here will be processed according to GDPR Article 6(1)(f), i.e., we have a legitimate interest in processing the information.

Disclosure of personal information

Nosted.com does not sell, exchange, or disclose personal information to third parties without your consent or legitimate interest.

Storage and deletion of personal information:
Personal information that we have received from you or by other means will only be stored for as long as we need to retain the information. The information is then securely deleted.

As long as you have an ongoing customer relationship with us, we will retain your contact information. If you no longer wish to be a customer at nosted.com, you can request us to delete your account and your information by contacting us at post@nosted.com.

Your rights regarding the processing of personal information:
At nosted.com, personal information is handled in an encrypted and secure manner. We respect your privacy.

Security of personal information:
nosted.com has strict routines and measures to secure your personal information. Information will only be disclosed/transferred to others in a secure manner. If the data subject makes the request electronically, and unless the data subject requests otherwise, the information shall be provided in a standard electronic format.

nosted.com uses HTTPS communication (HTTP over TLS / HTTP over SSL / HTTP Secure) for encrypted and secure data transmission between you and us.


We offer newsletters via email so that you can receive various types of information and offers. It is voluntary to receive newsletters, and you will only receive them if you have given clear consent. It is easy to unsubscribe from the newsletter, either by contacting us or by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all newsletters.

We want our newsletters to be perceived as relevant and valuable to you. We use the information we have about you at any given time to tailor the newsletters so that the offers and content are as interesting and relevant as possible. This can include name and areas of interest, if you have provided them, order data, or web history.

We believe that newsletters with customized content are a win-win because, for example, we can reward engaged followers with exclusive offers. We track ads and content to see what has engaged you and further tailor the newsletters and offers to your interests.

Other contact:
We will also contact you with marketing inquiries via SMS if you have consented to this.

The Website

nosted.com always aims to provide customers with the best experience. Therefore, cookies are used, which are small text files stored on your computer, tablet, or phone to optimize the user experience on nosted.com.

Cookies are used to customize the content of the website based on what you have viewed with us, as well as to facilitate functionality such as visit management, analysis, personalization, and marketing. We may also use this information to customize ads from nosted.com displayed on other websites.

nosted.com uses cookies to perform the tasks mentioned above. It is possible to use our website without cookies. If you do not wish to use cookies on nosted.com, you can change the settings in your browser to disable the use of cookies. Some of our services will not function optimally if you have disabled cookies in your browser. We also want to store a permanent cookie used to recognize you when you return to nosted.com.

nosted.com uses secure and reputable providers for traffic and trade analysis, and the cookies they need will change over time. Our authorized suppliers guarantee against unauthorized access, dissemination, and use of such information.

Cookies used on nosted.com

Required services and their cookies:
Cookies created by the online store to store the contents of the shopping cart during the visit Cookies created by the online store to keep you logged in (if you log in with your user)

Functional services and their possible cookies:
We use Google Analytics to analyze web traffic, measure performance, and follow up on campaign effectiveness. We do not collect or store personal data through Google Analytics, only analysis of anonymized data. Read Google's privacy policy here. We use Google tags, Meta pixel, and LinkedIn Insights tag to display targeted ads. The data collected by pixels/tags is used to customize content for visitors to our websites and for marketing on Facebook.

Web Analysis 
We collect and store log data with external suppliers (such as Google Analytics) about which posts and pages are searched and viewed. This is to learn what our users are interested in, to improve content and offers. This information is also used to make it possible to send you related and relevant offers (only if you have explicitly requested this). The information is also used to produce traffic statistics for capacity planning. Personal data is not processed using Google Analytics, and your IP address will be anonymized.

How to opt out and disable cookies:

Most browsers have a built-in feature that allows you to block tracking from cookies and third-party providers. This will limit the number of cookies sent via a third-party script. However, this function will not be able to remove all cookies, as some providers use first-party cookies.

You can opt out of interest-based marketing via the following websites: NAI consumer opt-out page and DAA opt-out page. This will not remove ads, but it blocks the possibility for us to show ads to people who have visited nosted.com. 

Note that these services themselves require cookies to remember that you have used this reservation.

You can opt out of cookies from our processors individually:

Google Analytics: See Google Analytics Opt-out.

If we make changes to how we process personal information, the changes will be posted on this page, and we may also notify you via email, SMS, on our websites, or on social media for significant changes.