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Mindre kjøretøy

TRYGG tilbyr spesialutviklede kjettinger til mindre kjøretøy som ATV, snøfreser, varebil, truck og personbil.

TRYGG chain is manufactured for Norwegian conditions and therefore the chain is also excellent for challenging environments and roads elsewhere in the world. Our chains are tailored for smaller vehicles and provide reliable traction and optimal performance in various situations and surfaces.

TRYGG offers fully floating chains designed for use with ATVs, mini diggers, lawn tractors and similar vehicles. These chains are constructed from flexible and durable material to ensure safe progress even under challenging conditions. We also offer various chain models specially adapted to trucks, which provide optimal grip, comfortable driving and gentleness against concrete floors. For SUVs, motorhomes and cars, TRYGG has developed practical wheel chains that ensure solid grip and reliable traction.

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