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IGLAND is a world-renowned brand in equipment for agriculture and forestry, and has been a leader in efficient operating equipment for agricultural tractors for over 75 years. The IGLAND winch is a well-known brand worldwide.

Since its inception, IGLAND has been most famous for forest winches and timber trailers, but has also developed new products in snow removal, lifting, and road maintenance.

The products are exported to much of Europe, Africa, South America, the USA, and Canada.
Since 2019, IGLAND has been a part of the Nøsted & group.

Now both me, my sons and grandchildren are often together when we are in the forest, which I think is very nice. The IGLAND winches have been passed down, and now the third generation is gaining experience with them.

Lars Inge Enerstvedt

The Story of Per Igland

Per Igland established IGLAND in 1947. Per grew up in Grimstad municipality and had a genuine interest and talent for technical products.

At the age of 26, he established his first company, an aluminum foundry that produced complete wheels and wheel sets. In the 1950s, the production shifted from wheels to pressing steel rims. While working on this, he also worked on designing potato harvesters.

In 1952, Per introduced a universal winch intended for farm use, and in the following years, he developed forest winches, forestry skidding pans, loading booms, and timber trailers.

The starting shot for today's popular winch was in 1960 when Igland launched the 3000 series. In the years that followed, he continuously developed more and more modern winches.

IGLAND's two-drum forest winches are the best-selling in Europe over time, and as a curiosity, it's worth mentioning that both the Danish and English royal households are on the customer list.

Per Igland was awarded the King's Medal of Merit in 1981 for his contributions to the mechanization of forestry.