IGLAND vinsjen bygger på lang erfaring, helt siden 1950-tallet og har opparbeidet seg til å bli et ettertraktet arbeidsredskap verden over.

IGLAND has a wide selection of forest winches for trunk clearing and transport of timber in the forest. All winches are adapted to the agricultural tractor's original three-point hitch. IGLAND forest winch is a well-known work tool for the forest farmer who runs versatile forest and wood production.

IGLAND has been a leader in efficient operating technology for agricultural tractors for over 75 years and the IGLAND winch is a well-known brand worldwide. IGLAND has customers all over the world and we work continuously to fulfill the requirements and wishes of our customers. Our winches come in many sizes and models so you can find the right IGLAND winch for your needs in the forest.

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IGLAND Service Center

In Mandal, we accept older and well-used winches that need service or repair. With many years of experience and high product knowledge, there is little, almost nothing, that cannot be fixed on our winches!