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Powerful one-drum forest winch for those in need of a powerful and reliable winch. This is a “heavy-duty” winch intended for large tasks and provides good working conditions. IGLAND 65H has the capacity to accomodate a wide range of wire rope in adequate lengths. Rugged and simple design with large logging plate provides excellent ground support. IGLAND 65H can be fitted with an hydraulic adjustable pulling point if desired. This winch has electrohydraulic high pressure operation with self-contained hydraulics.

- Pulling capacity 65 kN (6,5 tons)
- Ideal for tractors from 45 to 90 kW (60 – 120 hp)
- 3-point hitch as standard
- Weight 615 kg
- Logging plate width 1,95 meters
- Cableguard prevents derailment
- Radio control is optional
- Adjustable height of pulling point
- Electrohydraulic high pressure operation with self-contained hydraulics is standard
- Maintains high pressure during winching
- High-capacity drum
- Good spooling characteristics
- Close to tractor permits heavier loads
- High line pull throughout haul

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Max pulling capacity / empty drum: 65 kN (6,5 tons)
Max pulling capacity / full drum: 35,6 kN (3,6 tons)
Number of drums: 1
Wire rope, theoretical capacity: 97 m,12 mm/ 80 m 13 mm (ISO 6687)
Recommended wire rope length: 50 m, 12 mm
Pulling speed at 540 rpm: 0,64 – 1,2 m/s
Ratio: 1:9
Necessary power input: 46,2 kW (ISO 6687)
Braking power: Min 81 kN (8,1 tons)
Controls: Electrohydraulic high pressure operation with self-contained hydraulics is standard
Clutch: Double clutch with replaceable friction pads
Brake: Automatic safety brake
Mounting: 3-point hitch
PTO input, distance from ground: 57 cm
Height/ Width/ Depth: 230/ 195/ 82 cm
Weight (without wire rope): 615 kg

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