Skånsom tømmertransport med maksimal fleksibilitet. Henger og kran som utfyller hverandre, og er tilpasset vanskelig norsk skogsterreng.

The trailers are easy to maneuver and require a small turning radius. Turning on the rear wheel also makes reversing and avoiding obstacles easy. The trailers have swing in the bogie, which does not shift the center of gravity of the trailer during manoeuvring. This makes for a more stable trailer compared to trailers with a swing in the draw, which has a greater risk of tipping over. The swing system also allows for a long distance between the guardrail and the center of the bogie, and gives increased weight transfer to the tractor and thus increased accessibility.


The swivel bogie together with the unique swingtrac system sneaks through various bends and challenges in the forest.The swingtrac system from IGLAND is a unique composite product that makes it easier to get around in difficult terrain where logs and stones can be an obstacle for a timber trailer. The swingtrac system makes it possible to crawl forward in the terrain with a powerful pushing effect (4tm) which is obtained by locking the rear wheels on the trailer combined with the hydraulic

Type approved

Several of our timber trailers are approved for driving on public roads, and can be easily registered with all our dealers. I.e you can get the signs on the trailer straight from the dealer. All type-approved trailers have disc brakes to achieve a good braking effect, reliability and easy maintenance. The brakes are placed on the rear wheel pair to provide better stability and safety when braking on slopes terrain. The light strips are included in all equipment packages for the 280 and 380. For the 480 and 580, the light and sign holder are integrated into the rear stake set.

bilde_550 Med Kran

IGLAND offers timber trailers in various sizes: Igland 180, 280 Swingtrac, 380 Swingtrac, 480 Swingtrac and 580 Swingtrac. The timber trailers are presented with recommended packages, but it is possible to tailor with your own combinations.