IGLAND 580 Swingtrac
kr 754 920,00 per pcs
Inkl. mva.

NEWS! Igland 580 is the timber trailer developed for professional use. Here you get a powerful timber trailer with a large load capacity including the unique Igland swing track maneuverability. The trailer is perfect for heavy work in the forest. For driving on the road the trolley comes with integrated lights in the rear bolsters.

News! Multitask with full power available to several functions! The 580 trailer now comes with a new advanced control panel and radio control. The model has been upgraded with a new valve block with pressure compensation for maximum crane experience.

Utstyr Igland 580 Swingtrac
Kran 55-75s
Kranstyring(*) C
Klo  0.22
Standard hjul 500/50-17
Stakesett 3
Skivebrems 2 hjul Ja
Swingtrac Ja
Avstivingsstag, 2 stk, mellom grind og fremre stake Ja
HYDRAULISK Navdrift - 2HJUL - Black Bruin, Fabmont, , 480, uten styresystem Ja Ja
Styresystem, for hydraulisk Navdrift, fabrikkmontert Nei Ja
Lyslist for registreringsskilt I bakre stakesett
Varenummer IG409003-1 IG409003-2


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Trailer Igland 580 Swingtrac
Swing in boggi Ja
Swingtrac Ja
Skivebrems 2 hjul Ja
Max weight (forest) 13 Tonn
Can be registered for driving on public roads Ja
Max weight on road 12 tonn
Weight 2500
Loading area 2,72m²
Length loading area 4709mm
Length 6670mm
Width 2375mm

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