Våre snøfresere og snøploger finnes i flere størrelser som passer fra de minste traktorene til store traktorer som skal utføre mer krevende oppgaver.

Snow and road clearing

IGLAND has efficient and reliable snow blowers and ploughs, in addition to several other products that complement the job of snow removal.

IGLAND's sand spreaders are self-loading, and can be mounted both on the front and back of a tractor. The sand spreaders have a hydraulically driven agitator which ensures that any lumps in the sand are broken up before discharge. Basic machine is without attachment. Alternative attachment types are available for each product.

Rear-mounted tractor coulters "RB" give you countless possibilities. Snow removal, dosing, planning, or widening of roads and ditches. Designed for ideal adjustments and settings, IGLAND makes road maintenance a preferred and easy activity.

IGLAND has a wide selection of products for efficient snow removal. IGLAND supplies products of high quality and reliability, and have been developed for Norwegian conditions.

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