herobilde_FRAM - Forankret i erfaring

FRAM - Forankret i erfaring

Din leverandør av kvalitetsprodukter innen løft, havbruk og offshore

With a solid history of over 110 years FRAM is widely known as the leading brand within masterlinks, chains and components for lifting, lashing and mooring. 

FRAM products are made by Nøsted &, a family-owned Norwegian industrial company with head office in Mandal, Norway. The company was founded by Alf Nøsted in 1939 when he established “Norsk Kjettingindustri AS” in Mandal. Since then, the company has grown steadily though organic growth and acquisitions and is today a global company with appr. 370 employees developing, manufacturing, and delivering solutions for multiple purposes across the world.

Our main focus is to deliver products and services that fully satisfies international standards and customer requirements. The FRAM portfolio offers a wide range of products and includes many DNV type-approved and type-examined products within lifting and suspending of lifeboats, as well as chain and components product-certified by Aquastructures for fish-farming anchoring.

In addition to our standard products, we specialize in the design and manufacture of special lifting equipment. Examples of special equipment are yokes, rings and master links adapted to crane hooks, special hooks, plate fittings, etc.
When standard fittings can’t be used without endangering the safety of personnel and /or goods, we are authorized to design and certify customized fittings. We specialize in fast construction and manufacture of such fittings in close cooperation with the client. Special lifting equipment is delivered with certificates in the same way as standard equipment.

Our products for Aquaculture comply with the NYTEK23 regulation. NYTEK23 sets requirements for the technical standard for aquaculture facilities in the sea, lakes, and watercourses, among other things, to prevent unwanted escapes.


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About FRAM

Kjættingfabriken AS, with the brand name FRAM, was established in 1909 by Oscar Wilhelm Spilhaug. Oscar, born in 1879, was a highly gifted young gentleman. After studies in Germany, where he finished as the top student, he traveled from Kristiania to New York in 1903 to seek work in the land of dreams.

During his stay in the USA, he accidentally saw some chain production machinery in the factory windows of the McKay company in Pittsburgh, on a Sunday. Even before Spilhaug left the USA, he had explored the possibilities for chain production in Norway. “A place to be” was crucial, and in the summer of 1908, he traveled with his father around Eastern Norway to investigate the possibilities for hydropower.

The company was founded in Magnor by the Swedish border on January 27, 1909. The production method chosen was machine forging, “fire welding”.

In 2019, FRAM became part of the Nøsted & group.

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