FRAM leverer et bredt sortiment av komponenter til løft.

Alloy Chain

Fram was the fist in the world to offer alloy chain, today known as grade 80 chain. Fram grade 80 chains are produced in both short link, long link and midlink chain. Short-link chains are delivered for both lifting and lashing purposes in accordance with NS-EN 818-2 and as a trawl chain.

Alloy chain is also available in the same dimensions in hot-dip galvanized or thermo-galvanized versions. Hot-dip galvanized and thermo-galvanized long chain chains are product certified in accordance with NS 9415.

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Master Links

FRAM is Norway's only manufacturer of Master Links and Master Link Assemblies. We are a significant supplier to the oil and aquaculture industry in Norway. Our products exceed the requirements for the offshore industry.

FRAM has developed its own steel composition together with the best steel mills in Europe. We collaborate with the best steel mills in Europe to obtain the best steel quality. FRAM exclusively uses a peeled surface on the material for the Master Links, so we remove surface defects that will always occur during normal production of bar steel - the result is optimal quality with minimal surface cracking.

FRAM Master Links are supplied with a powder-coated surface. Optional we deliver as hot dip galvanized or thermogalvanized.

FRAM has a high production capacity and good stock. This means that we usually have a short delivery time.

FRAM performs testing on 100% of Master Links in accordance with NS-EN 1677-4.

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Nøsted & is a proud dealer of Yoke lifting produkts. Yoke’s focuse on safety, quality and sustainability is very much in line with our own focus areas, thus we are proud to be able to offer our customers a wide range of Yoke lifting products parallel to ours. Yoke has been known for research, development and innovation since 1985. The brand has won several awards in innovation and business management, and is recognized worldwide as a quality supplier of industrial lifting components.

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