Lifting Yoke Fixed

FRAM Lifting Yoke - Fixed 

FRAM Lifting yokes are supplied in a wide range from the very smallest with a WLL of 100kg and upwards. 

Lifting yokes are used in operations where there is little available lifting height. But requires that the centre of gravity of the lifted object is lower than the lifting points. 

If there is enough lifting height available, we would recommend using a spreader beam with a 2 part sling above. This will provide the most stable lift possible, and at the same time be the most cost-effective solution. 

FRAM Standard Lifting yokes are supplied in lengths from 2.0 to 10.0 metres. WLL from 2.0 tonnes to 10.0 tonnes according to Machine Directive 2006/42EC and EN13155. 

The table below presents a selection of standard solutions, but we mostly adapt the size and design to the customer's needs. Then there are few restrictions on dimensions and WLL. 

We design products for the specific customer demand and deliver various lifting yoke solutions. Square tubes or HEB beams are most often used, but it can also be produced from plate or a combination of materials. 

All lifting yokes can be certified according to a number of relevant standards such as, for example, Norsok R002, DNV 2.7.3. , DNV ST-N001 etc. 

FRAM produces all lifting yokes with material traceability and certified procedures. FRAM performs load testing of lifting points and 100% NDT of load-bearing welds. 

Fram Lifting Yokes are supplied with different types of surface treatment, such as powder-coated, galvanized, various industrial paint systems, or Norsok M501. 

Documentation package according to the customer's request. 

Get in touch for a quote. 

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LYF-2-100-300  2,0 t  1-3 m 
LYF-35-100-300  3,5 t  1-3 m 
LYF-5-100-500  5,0 t  1-5 m 
LYF-8-200-600  8,0 t  2-6 m 
LYF10-200-600  10,0 t  2-6 m