Spreader Beam Adjustable

FRAM Spreader Beam 

FRAM Spreader Beam is the best lifting tool when there is sufficient height above the object to be lifted. 

The spreader beam has the attachment points located at the outer end, and redistributes the vertical lifting forces into horizontal forces in the yoke. The spreader beam is often lighter than a corresponding lifting yoke. 

FRAM Adjustable Spreader Beam is supplied in two variants: 

633-23625 with adjustment from 1200mm to 2000mm length in steps of 100mm. WLL 10 tonnes. 

633-29736 with adjustment from 2350mm to 3550mm in steps of 150mm. WLL 10 tonnes. 


Delivered certified in accordance with EN13155 and Machinery Directive 2006/42EC. 

FRAM produces all spreaders with material traceability and certified procedures. FRAM performs load testing of lifting points and 100% NDT of load-bearing welds. 

FRAM Adjustable Spreader is supplied hot-dip galvanized to ensure a long life for the product. 

For specially designed Spreader Beams see FRAM Special. 

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