IGLAND 6002 Pronto TLP
kr 283 858,80 per pcs
Inkl. mva.

IGLAND 6 ton double-drum forestry winch. A professional winch that meets the requirements of strength for tough challenges that forestry equipment are exposed for. The winch is designed for mounting on farm tractors with a 3-point hitch. The winch is equipped with electrohydraulic high pressure operation with selfcontained hydraulics with oil supply system (separate pump and oil tank), independent of the tractor’s hydraulic system. This eliminates the possibilities for contamination when transferred from / to the tractor’s hydraulic system and also protects the environment from oil spills, related to equipment replacement or changes. The large drums make it possible to maintain traction over long stretches. The pull capacity is 60 kN (6 tons) for each drum. The advantage of a double-drum winch is teh ability to distribute the load on two wire ropes. This results in the timber beeing more manageable, which in turn results in safer and more productive working conditions.

- Pulling capacity 60 kN (6 tons) x 2 drums
- Ideal for tractors from 52 to 88 kW (70 – 120 hp)
- Automatic safety brake
- Mechanical control
- 3-point hitch as standard
- Weight 838 kg
- TLP Logging plate width 2,20 meters/1,10 meters hight
- Cableguard prevents derailment
- Radio control is optional
- High-capacity drum
- Good spooling characteristics
- Propeller port with double sheaves and wire guidence
- Electrohydraulic high pressure operation with self-contained hydraulics is standard
- Worm gear gives excellent power in slow operation
- Maintains high pressure during winching

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