herobilde_Rustbeskyttelse med BioCorr

Rustbeskyttelse med BioCorr

Vi benytter BioCorr i stedet for maling for å beskytte våre produkter under lagring. BioCorr brukes på all kjetting som berører bakken. Dette reduserer spredning av mikroplast og skadelige kjemikalier som finnes i konvensjonell maling.

What is BioCorr?

BioCorr is a waterbased, biobased, and biodegradable rust preventative that is intended for preservation of metals in storage and during transportation. BioCorr provides multi-metal protection and is an excellent environmentally sound alternative to petroleum derived products. BioCorr is VOC free and the formulation is biodegradable; eliminating expensive disposal costs associated with oils. In addition, BioCorr is an energy-efficient process that does not require acid treatment, unlike other methods such as electrogalvanizing.

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Nøsted & is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment throughout the entire value chain – from production to transport, use and disposal of our products. We continuously invest in green technology and innovative solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and optimize resource utilization. By introducing BioCorr as rust protection on our chains, we want to emphasize our position in the industry when it comes to promoting environmentally friendly alternatives.

Chains Protected with BioCorr

Tractor chains: Tractor, Moskus, Fast Trac, and Safety Grip 5mm and 7mm
Forest chains: Satyr
Smaller chains: ATV og Helene

All new production of these chain models will now use BioCorr as surface treatment. Chain that was produced before the implementation of BioCorr will still be sold during the transition period.

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By choosing TRYGG tire chains, you are helping to preserve nature from toxic substances!