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Strong and reliable forest winch, designed for medium tasks. Suitable for smaller tractors. Adjustable pulling point to give better lifting abilities of the timber during winching. The winch is operated with a cord from the tractor seat or at a safe distance to the side. Specially designed hinged logging -plate, which works as a “carrier” of the timber and results in a smoother drive over stumps and rocks. Long coil distance between top block and the drum results in good distribution of wire rope on the drum.

- Pulling capacity 35 kN (3,5 tons)
- For small tractors from 26 to 52 kW (35 – 70 hp)
- Ratchet brake
- Mechanical control
- 3-point attachment as standard
- Weight 200 kg
- Adjustable height of pulling point
- Hinged butt plate 1,22 meters wide for smoother drive over stumps and stones
- Cableguard prevents derailment
- Radio control is optional
- Toolbox

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Max pulling capacity / empty drum: 35 kN (3,5 tonn)
Max pulling capacity / full drum: 11 kN
Number of drums: 1
Wire rope, theoretical capacity: 71 m, 9 mm
Recommended wire rope length: 50 m, 9 mm
Pulling speed at 540 rpm: 0,61 – 1,67 m/s
Ratio: 1 : 5,18
Necessary power input: 22 kW
Braking power: Min 3,75 tonn
Controls: Standard: Manuell snorbetjening
Clutch: Utskiftbare sider
Brake: Pal bremsesystem
Mounting: 3-punkt
PTO input, distance from ground: 35 cm
Height/ Width/ Depth: 115/ 100/ 37 cm
Weight (without wire rope): 200 kg

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