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Powerful one-drum forest winch for those who want to pile up large amounts of timber. The above-average drum has the capacity to accomodate a wide range of wire rope in adequate lengths. A rugged and simple construction with a low centre of gravity provides good visibility from the tractor cabin. This winch is equipped with a double clutch for greater reliability, less wear and longer lifespan. A logging plate width of 1.5 meter is ideal for loading site work and provides excellent support when pulling in timber.

- Pulling capacity 55 kN (5,5 tons)
- Ideal for tractors 45 to 69 kW (60 – 95 hp)
- Automatic safety brake
- Mechanical control
- 3-point hitch as standard
- Weight 310 kg
- Logging plate width 1,50 meters
- Cableguard prevents derailment
- Radio control is optional
- Ratio 1:6
- Double clutch

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Max pulling capacity / empty drum: 55 kN (5,5 tons)
Max pulling capacity / full drum: 24 kN (2,4 tons)
Number of drums: 1
Wire rope, theoretical capacity: 128 m,10 mm/ 103 m,11 mm/ 85 m,12 mm
Recommended wire rope length: 50 m, 11 mm
Pulling speed at 540 rpm: u/gir: 0,76 – 1,73 m/s, m/gir: 0,44 – 1,00 m/s
Ratio: u/gir:1:6, m/gir: 1:10,36
Necessary power input: Min 68,75 kN (6,88 tons)
Braking power: Min 68,75 kN (6,88 tons)
Controls: Standard cord operation
Clutch: Double clutch with replaceable friction pads
Brake: Automatic safety brake
Mounting: 3-punkt
PTO input, distance from ground: 55 cm
Height/ Width/ Depth: 158/ 150/ 58 cm
Weight (without wire rope): 310 kg

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