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Nøsted & utvikler, designer og produserer varige produkter og løsninger som sikrer mennesker og verdier, og forenkler folks arbeidshverdag.

Nøsted & is a company with a rich history that goes far back in time. We design, produce and deliver chains and forest tracks, tractor implements and equipment for lifting and mooring under the brands; TRYGG, IGLAND and FRAM. We also provide construction services, testing and re-certification of lifting equipment.

TRYGG tire chains

Nøsted & has for over 80 years produced chains under the brand name TRYGG. TRYGG is a world leader, and is designed, developed and produced at Norway’s only chain factory. The 10,000 sqm chain factory located at the outlet of the Mandal River produces chains for use in transport, agriculture, construction, forestry, fisheries, aquaculture, industry, oil and offshore.

The TRYGG portfolio consists of a wide range of tire chains for wheeled vehicles, from smaller vehicles to the largest construction and forestry machines. TRYGG forest belts were introduced in the autumn of 2020 and are the result of several years of testing and development.

Trygg Transport Hard


The FRAM brand was established by Kjættingfabriken AS in 1909 and has been part of the Nøsted & group since 2001. Nøsted & produces goods and services under the brand name FRAM, and is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of chains and components for lifting, anchoring, lashing and trawling. We were the first in the world to produce Alloy chain, which we today know as grade 80 chain. Under FRAM, you will also find several types of approved and type of examined products by DNV in lifting and lifeboat suspension, as well as product-certified chains and components of Aquastructures for anchoring fish farms.

Trygg Oppdrett Hard


IGLAND was established in 1947 and has been part of Nøsted &’s portfolio since 2001. Igland is a world-renowned brand in equipment for agricultural tractors. The product portfolio includes forest winches, timber trailers, lifting equipment, snow removal and road maintenance. IGLAND’s two-drum winch is Europe’s bestseller of all time. The company’s founder, Per Igland, was awarded the King’s Medal of Merit in gold in 1981 for his development of efficient methods, machines and equipment for agriculture. IGLAND products have been a leader in efficient operating technology for agricultural tractors for over 70 years and the products are exported to large parts of Europe, Africa, South America, the USA and Canada.

Trygg Skog
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Our services

Nøsted & offers construction and manufacturing of special lifting equipment and we carry out inspection, certification and re-certification of lifting equipment. We also have a complete center for testing of equipment.